CDC Offers Free Online Concussion Awareness Course

NJYS is now requiring that all youth soccer coaches registered in NJYS become familiar with spotting and dealing with conscussions. In addition, we invite all WWPSA parents and families to complete the course to improve their awareness of concussions, particularly before they are forced to do so by an unfortunate situation.

The Certification procedure is fairly short, convenient and FREE. It is done online, in the comfort of your home. Participants view a 20-minute video followed by several review questions about what they have watched, then print a certificate that is provided after the questions are properly answered. The only equipment you will need is online access on a computer attached to a printer. The script and quiz are available in Spanish and English.

Reprinted below is the statement found on the NJYS website at http://njyouthsoccer.com/Concussion.htm. If the links below do not work on your computer, you can access them from the NJYS site and clicking the link "Concussion Awareness Training" at the upper right corner of the home page.

WWPSA supports this initiative. It is certainly recognized as a critical issue throughout all sports (as any NFL fan can attest), and it is imperative that we all become better educated in what concussions are, how to spot what might be a consussion and what to do if we suspect a player has sustained a concussion. Taking this free training is good for everyone involved in youth sports.