Sign up for Weather-based Cancelations
WWPSA Introduces RainedOut

As a convenience to its players, coaches, trainers and all other constituents, WWPSA introduces RainedOut, a new service that will dramatically improve the speed at which we can inform you of cancelations of WWPSA activities due to inclement weather.

How does it work?

To receive alerts, sign up on the RainedOut website, fill in the fields below or click here to register to receive texts when specific fields are closed.

Once you’ve created your account, whenever we need to inform you of the cancelation of activities due to inclement weather, one of our Admin users creates a message and sends it to that group. Less than 10 seconds later, you will receive either a text message or e-mail (depending on which method you indicated when you signed up) letting you know. You will not be charged any fee for this service, but your carrier’s fees to receive text or e-mail messages will apply.

Will I receive other messages?

We will only use this service to inform you of important information based on the purpose for which you signed up. You will not be contacted for any promotional purposes, and your phone number or e-mail address will not be sold or sent to anyone outside of WWPSA.

We’re very pleased to offer this service to our Club’s members and hope you find it as useful as we hope it will be. Please e-mail us if you have any questions or comments.

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