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The Youth Recreational soccer Program is managed by the Director of Youth Recreational Soccer, League Managers and other volunteers. All are volunteers, who spend a significant amount of time, running this program so please treat them with respect and appreciation.


Position Name Email
Director of Youth Recreational Soccer Brent Nielsen
Game Scheduling Brent Nielsen
Practice Scheduling Joerg Claus
Photo Day Manager Volunteer Needed
Goalfest Tournament Director Volunteer Needed
Referees Rafique Sirguroh


League Managers

Position Name Email
Boys Kindergarten ​Ryan Barna bk1@wwpsa.org
Boys 1st Grade Ryan Barna bk1@wwpsa.org
Boys 2nd grade Rajesh Kirshnamoorthy b23@wwpsa.org
Boys 3rd Grade Rajesh Kirshnamoorthy b23@wwpsa.org
Boys 4th Grade Will Li b45@wwpsa.org
Boys 5th Grade Will Li b45@wwpsa.org
Boys 6th to 7th Grade Rebecca Pearson  b67@wwpsa.org
Boys 8th to 12th Grade Jack Demouth bsnr@wwpsa.org
Girls Kindergarten to 1st Grade Susan Bluni gk1@wwpsa.org
Girls 2nd & 3rd Grade Janine Manolakos​ g23@wwpsa.org
Girls 4th to 5th Grade Open g45@wwpsa.org
Girls 6th to 7th Grade n/a  
Girls 8th to 12th Grade n/a