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Skills Night Program for WWPSA Travel Players
Fall 2016

This Fall, WWPSA invites you to participate in our Skills-based Training program.  
This program is closely aligned with our Player Development Curriculum, and is intended to accelerate development of the technical skills of our travel players.  In order to ensure the best possible training environment, our skills training program is only open to players in our Travel program.
The specialized sessions are broken down into the following categories
Striker School 
Will teach all aspects of what it takes to score goals.  A breakdown of the laces technique of striking a ball with power will be the main goal.  However building confidence around the penalty area to find the back of the net will be our 8 week goal.
On the Ball - Speed, Agility, and Conditioning- 
This revamped training program will push players to stay fit, but through speed and agility drills that asks them to always have a ball on their foot.  Shortening the touch to navigate tight spaces and teaching moves and turns to wiggle out of them will be key.  The player will be asked to work hard though as every drill will be designed to push the player past their comfort level and become soccer fit!
- Goal Keeper- All technical aspects of the key position will be coached to provide players interested in the position a strong foundation to succeed.
Each of the clinics will be delivered by our own specialists within the WWPSA Coaching Staff, and will take place on Friday evenings for 8 weeks during the Fall season.


Program Specifics  
Training Nights

 Fridays September 23rd, 30th

            October 7th, 14, 21st, 28th

            November 4th, 11th


Training Location  
 All programs at Conover Field
 98 S Post Road, West Windsor
Class Times & Ages  
 Class times are:
 5.00-7.00pm for 8-14 year olds


 Just $80 for 8 weeks of high level position specific training. Class size is extremely limited due to ensure  the highest quality staff possible.

 Click here to Register online

All Field Skills Training classes will have a maximum coach:player ratio of 1:12.


Training Breakdown:  

1 Hour: Intense, Skill Specific Training

 1 Hour:  Small-Sided games (5v5 or less) Conditioned and Organized 
Program Coordinator
For any questions regarding the program, please contact tda@wwpsa.org
 Erik Franzo, Skills Night Coordinator


 Week          Goal Keeper   Striker

 On the ball - speed, agility, and conditioning.

Covers all technical basics, with links to age appropriate tactical choices
Breaking down the Strike Technique and teaching players how to score with confidence!
 Getting players soccer fit, but doing it using fun games and always with a soccer ball at the player's feet.


Low balls, High ball, mid range 
Contour catch, basket catch 
Basic mechanics of striking a ball with the laces.
 Shortening the touch under pressure, and lengthening to accelerate out of it.

Collapse dive, mid range diving, extension dive( high level GKs) 
Striking for Power - Big Leg Swing and Follow through for shots from distance.
Moves to beat a defender.  Technical breakdown and change of speed to do so.

High Catch, Low catch, Boxing (Punching Balls), Footwork, Positioning 
First touch development from various parts of the foot and body to set up the shot.
Turning out of pressure and accelerating to space.

Cross over step, forward to back, back to forward, diagonally forward, diagonally backward, side to side 
 Striking the ball from different angles.  The importance of hips and accuracy in the shot. Combining Moves and turns.  Can you produce multiple skills to beat multiple defenders?


Goal kicks, Punts, and Drop Kicks. 

Throwing, long ball throw, baseball throw, quick toss. 

 The Break Away.  Speed, pace, and angles.


 Shielding the ball from an opponent.  While tired and under significant physical pressure.



Penalty Shot 
Positioning, what to look for from a shooter, Gk individual philosophy 

Free Kick Defense, building a wall.


Curving the ball, using the instep to finish around defenders from different angles.

Free Kicks and Set pieces.

Receiving the ball on the ground with different surfaces of the feet and taking touch to goal and space with speed.

Dealing with angles from shots, crosses, through balls and how to deal with them from different areas of the field. 
Crossing and Finishing 
timing and direction of attacking runs

Receiving the ball out of the air and then escaping pressure with pace.

When, where, and how to communicate with your teammates. 
 Volleying the ball out of the air.  Heading technique for safety (U12 and above)

Technical skills assessment and program review.
     Erik Franzo
  Noah Goren