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Mid NJ Youth Soccer WWPSA Team Admins: (Not Applicable to EDP)

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Your Toolkit Scheduling Your Games Carding and Registration Managing Your Team Game Day CheckList FAQs

Your Toolkit:

  1. Your @wwpsa.org gmail account. All club communication goes to these email addresses.
  2. Dates of your games: http://www.mnjysa.org/GameSchedulingClubTeamWise.aspx?SeasonId=46
  3. Find contact information of your opponent teams: http://www.mnjysa.org/search.aspx
  4. Learn about your flight: http://www.npsoccer.org/documents/MNJYSA-FlightNumbersExplained.pdf
  5. Scheduling Communication: https://goo.gl/forms/xgt3Tw5pwPTV25JO2
  6. Your GotSoccer login, as a team admin, not your personal account.
  7. Your wwpsa.org login, as a team admin, not your personal account.
  8. Your Bonzi/BlueStar login, as a team admin, not your personal account.
  9. Game card http://www.mnjysa.org/AnnouncementDetails.aspx?Newsid=585&Pageid=6
  10. Mid NJ Youth Soccer Handbook. http://www.mnjysa.org/News%20Documents/577/MNJYSA%20Handbook%202017%20030517.pdf
  11. LeagueAthletics or SI Play apps for team communicate. You can also organize chat group on WhatsApp or other apps you prefer.

Scheduling Your Games

Your responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate with team admins you are sharing coaches with. For 2017-18, you can find out through: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwmZdg0_bMclUGVlYzduR2pFUjQ?usp=sharing
  2. For AWAY games,
    1. Look up game dates, contact the opponent team’s manager and ask for game time, field location and jersey color.
    2. (Mandatory) Communicate back to the club as soon as the game time is confirmed. (No need to wait for the location) through Scheduling Communication, listed in Your Toolkit section.
  3. For HOME games:
    1. (Optional) Look up game dates, communicate your team’s preference to the club through Scheduling Communication, listed in Your Toolkit section.
    2. All HOME games schedule will be finalized on Tuesday, 8pm, one week prior to the game day. It is likely the club may finalize the schedule sooner.
    3. Communicate to your opponent team once your game time and field location is known.
  4. Tips in scheduling AWAY games:
    1. Send out ALL inquiries at the beginning of the season as soon as you learn about the game date and identified contacts in the opponent teams. Do NOT wait till the last minute, as there is no guarantee they may contact you in time.
    2. Read through the handbook, especially about scheduling. There are very few reasons both teams can use to specify a game time. It is also important to note there is a specific time range we are allowed to schedule for Sunday and Saturday games unless both teams reach specific agreement.
    3. Communicate your away game time asap. The more clarity the club has about coach’s away games, the less likely we will have conflicts for home game scheduling and the more likely we can schedule our home games far advance in the future.
    4. Find opponent team’s web site. This is useful when you can’t find contact info on mnjysa.org or the contact person never responds to you. You can go to their club site and find whatever the names there and reach out. You can also find out where their fields are in order to make sure your coach has enough time to travel between games.
    5. Use any means to communicate. Text, phone calls, emails .. anything …
    6. Update team calendar on wwpsa.org as soon as the game time and location is known (Do not use LeagueAthletics app to do this as there’s a bug in the app.)
  5. Tips in scheduling HOME games:
    1. There is NO guarantee that your specific request will be met as we must consider other teams, coach conflicts, field availability and referee assignments.
    2. Review scheduling email CAREFULLY. You should have field location, date and time available and the game date should match to what you see on mnjysa.org
    3. Update team calendar on wwpsa.org as soon as the game time and location is known (Do not use LeagueAthletics app to do this as there’s a bug in the app.)

Carding and Registration

  1. At the beginning of the season, parents must register the players on BlueStar wwpsa.njyslive.com. If this is a returning player, they can use their existing account
  2. Each player must send you medical release form. The form is emailed to them with subject line, "WWPSA Online Registration" if it is a new player. Otherwise they can find it in their own BlueStar account.
  3. Team admin should follow up with the parents and make sure all registration is done before the end of August. This can be done through the team admin's BlueStar admin account. (See Your Toolkit section.)
  4. Print all player passes and rosters.

Managing with Your Team

  1. It is important to have mobile number for all the players in case you have to deliver messages with short notice (very likely in Spring).
  2. Use a chat group either in SI Play (families must log on with their wwpsa.org account and password) or other chat apps of your choice.
  3. Use Google Forms, SignUpGenius or other survey tools when you need to collect consensus. Avoid long email thread.
  4. Make sure your team respond to RSVP, either through SI Play app, LeagueAthletics app or go to wwpsa.org site directly.
  5. Team fund. Estimate the amount required to cover referee fees, planned tournaments, team parties and other events. The team is recommended to open a team bank account or under a particular parent’s name.
  6. Get help. You can organize your team with the following roles:
    • ​Uniform coordinator: completes uniform ordering for new teams, and every two years thereafter
    • Sunburst coordinator: coordinates parent volunteers for team Sunburst Tournament responsibilities
    • Team treasurer: opens and manages team bank account and writing of checks. Responsible for cash payments to referees
    • Team social coordinator
    • Team photographer
    • Team volunteer sub coordinator: In the event a trainer cannot make a game, a sub manager simply manages the substituting of players on the sideline. (Sub manager must obtain F License and coaching pass. See Question 11)

Game Day Checklist

The following list does not apply to tournament, which you can found in FAQs, Preparing for Tournament.

  1. Fill your game card accordingly (see Your Toolkit Section) and bring it to the game
  2. Referee fee, according to the game card. Usually handle by the treasurer of your team, if you have one. Make sure it can be splitted. (e.g. if the fee is $60, make sure it can be broken into $30, $30)
  3. Bring player cards. You can print it with your BlueStar team admin access. See Carding and Registration section.
  4. HOME GAME ONLY: a game ball.
  5. Post game. Report your score. (Password is sent by the club. Check your team admin gmail inbox) http://assn.la/UserForm.asp?RegID=175382&org=WWPSA2.ORG


  1. What is expected from me as a team admin?

The workload is a bit heavy at the beginning of the season as you will be required to identify the roster and contact information for each player, follow up and complete player registration, figure out the proper amount of team fund to be collected. During season, your focus will be scheduling AWAY games while coordinating with the club for HOME games. You will NOT be responsible for scheduling home games.

  1. How should I find information about Tournament?

Each tournament is slightly different so you must watch out for email communication from the hosting club, not necessarily WWPSA. In general, you must have your player passes, official team roster and all medical release form from all players.