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In line with the technical plan, WWPSA plans to implement some key improvements to our programs such as centralized age-group training environments, age-group coaching leads, utilizing station-work with structured training plans that include a four-phase warm up, technical activities that are dynamic and small-sided game activities that present problem-solving and decision-making to players.


Here's an Example of a Four Phase Warm-Up:

Sample Training Session Utilizing Four Phase Warm-Up


Here are the tentative placements of coaches as Boys and Girls age group leads for 2017-2018 Travel Soccer Programs:


U8 (2010) & U9 (2009) Coach Armen Simoniants & Coach Kelcie Hook


U10 (2008) Coach Jilmar Perez


U11 (2007) Coach Wilson Urias


U12 (2006) Coach Ivan Mendoza & Coach Kelcie Hook


U13 (2005) - U15 (2003) Coach Armen Simoniants, Coach Dell Morse & Tarweh Witherspoon


U16 (2002) - U18 (2000) Coach Milton Suah & Coach Tarweh Witherspoon


Age group leads will design and deliver training sessions on a weekly basis and work with the gender and age group at training and games during the season. This will allow players to have access to different coaches, different training styles and approaches - teaching and coaching under the same philosophy -  Each weekend match you will have access to one or more age group coaches to cover league games that players will be familiar and comfortable with.