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Each Fall and Spring WWPSA offers recreational soccer for children aged 3 to 18 at fields located in West Windsor Plainsboro.

To learn more about our recreational soccer programs click on the links on the left. 

Safety should be everyone’s number one priority followed by everyone having fun. Let the players play hard and enjoy ourselves, coaches coach, and referees be the decision maker so everyone can go home safely in one piece from every game and practice. For this reason there is no slide tackling of any form allowed in recreational soccer.

Remember this if a recreational league and we should act as such. Also every player should get to play at least 50% of each game except in the case of injury.

Parking and Traffic: For the safety of the children, please only park in designated parking areas. Do not obstruct the traffic flow, drive slow and carefully, and please park close to the other cars so there is enough space for everyone.

Uniform Distribution: If you order a WWPSA uniform kit and have not yet collected it you will be able to pick it up on a Saturday at Conover Fields between 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. near the South Post Road Parking Lot.  Specific dates will be provided just before the start of the season..

Team Assignment and Schedules: You can view them by following the instructions at http://wwpsa2.org/Page.asp?n=88398&org=wwpsa.org. You have to log in to see them, if you don’t log in you will not see them.  There may be some last minute adjustments as things are finalized so thank you for your patience.

Practice Schedules: A reminder that practices are as follows:

  • PreK has just the specific session the player signed up for.
  • K to 3rd grade have combined practice and game session on Saturday mornings.
  • 4th to 12th grade teams have a weeknight practice session and Saturdays are just games.

We will be offering group practice sessions.  Additional details will be sent out separately shortly.

Game Schedules: Will be posted on the website – sometimes they do change so always check and make sure you know where to go and when. Note: on the game schedule all fields are booked for 2 hours blocks. You will start at the start time but your session will finish before the 2 hours is up. See the laws of the Game below for how long your particular leagues games or sessions run.

Alerts: If you have signed up for alerts the system will notify you of any changes and also send you a reminder of upcoming events. Please use the RSVP function to let your coaches know if you will be or not be attending – it helps them plan.

Bye Weeks: Some leagues have an odd number of teams. If you see a game on your schedule against BYE WEEK it means you do not have a game against another team that week. Your coach will let you know if your team will have a practice session and team scrimmage or other activity on those days.

Laws of the Game: The laws for each specific league are posted at http://wwpsa2.org/Page.asp?n=119083&org=wwpsa2.org. Please read them to be familiar with your leagues game format and specific laws.

Referees: 4th to 12th grade teams have referees for their Saturday games. Please respect the referees, remember many of them are still children and you should abide by the rule that as I tell teams I coach – Q: When is it a handball? A: When the referee says it is. Yes it might not be the right call but if we accept it as the right call it reduces the stress and makes life a lot more fun for everyone.

Goal Safety: Goals are big, heavy, and dangerous. They can and will fall over if not properly used. A player been struck in the head by a falling goal can suffer serious injury or be killed. Never let players hang on, do pull ups on or climb on any goal. If we teach them young they will hopefully follow that rule for the rest of their life. Only use the big goals (7x21 foot or 8x24 foot) if they are properly anchored and weighed down with sand bags. The small 5x10 foot goals that the PreK through 3rd graders use and that are at the practice field are small and balanced and therefore do not need to be weighed down. All goals should be put away at the ends of games and practices. See our Goal Safety item at http://wwpsa2.org/Page.asp?n=100168&org=wwpsa2.org for details.

Locks: Many items are locked with combination locks for protection and safety. Your coaches and league managers can open them in the case of need or emergency.

Communication: Our primary form of communication is email. If you are not getting our emails see http://wwpsa2.org/Page.asp?n=88398&org=wwpsa2.org on how to edit your account and opt into receiving our emails. Also check your spam – we do send a lot of emails and so sometimes are considered spam.


First contact your league manager for specific questions about your league. See http://wwpsa2.org/Page.asp?n=86040&org=wwpsa2.org for contact information for them and others.

Start Times

Always plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time to park and be able to find your field. We will all be confused on the first day so this extra time is needed.

  • For K to 3rd grade, the time on the schedule is the time that practice starts
  • For 4th grade to 12th grade the time on the schedule it is the time the game should start (i.e. kick-off). Check with your coach what time he or she wants you to arrive to warm-up and be ready to kick-off. Most coaches want you to arrive 30 to 45 minutes before the kick-off schedule time.

Field Locations within each Park

Uniforms, Shin Guards, Cleats and Jewelry

  • Home team wears white - You are the home team if you are the first team listed or if the schedule states “vs” [another team’s name]
  • Away team wears green - You are away if you are the second team listed on the schedule or if the schedule states “at” [another team’s name]
  • It is a good idea to have them bring both shirts to games.
  • Players must wear shin guards and they must be worn under the socks, cleat are highly recommended.  No jewelry or hard casts.


Players should bring water/drinks to games and practices. It gets hot playing soccer and we don’t want them getting dehydrated.


Hopefully all fields will be lined and ready to go, however please be understanding if they are not fully ready. We can still play using cones to mark the fields if needed.

Cancellation Procedure

If weather or other reasons require a program wide cancellation or field closures, the cancellation will be posted on http://www.wwpsa.org and/or emailed as follows:

  • Saturdays: Cancellations will be posted on the website by 8:00 am
  • Weeknights: Cancellations and field closures will be posted on the website by 3:00 pm on the day of the session
  • Individual Team Practices: Cancellations by the team coach will be communicated directly by the coach to players on the team.
  • Please check both the http://www.wwpsa.org website and your email for cancellations before going to the fields.

Lightning Policy 

In the event that anyone, including players, coaches, volunteers, trainers, or parents hears thunder or sees lightning, all participants must leave the field and seek shelter for a period of at least 30 minutes after the thunder or lightning was last detected. If, while waiting, another lightning strike is seen or thunder is heard, the 30-minute mandatory waiting period must start again.